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Brave Browser is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software Inc. (founded 2017). It was founded with the goal of providing faster, safer, better browsing experience than any other browsers can offer. The company has also prioritized privacy by offering anonymous ads and a system of anonymous cryptocurrency for users and publishers. Brave browsers block trackers, including third-party ad networks that violate users’ privacy by collecting data on their browsing activities.

Brave Browser was originally based on Chromium browser’s open source code, which means it can successfully run most Chrome extensions such as Facebook, Evernote, etc. Brave browser is available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android operating systems.

How to Download Brave Browser?

There are two methods to download and install Brave browser for Windows PC. The first method involves downloading Brave browser for PC online.

Method 1

Brave’s website provides users with an online installer that automatically installs the latest version of the browser onto their computer.

Step 1 – Click on this link to go to Brave’s official site for downloading Brave Browser (link opens in new tab).

Step 2 – Once you go to Brave’s official site, select your operating system (Windows in this example) and download the Brave web browser installer.

Step 3 – Locate the downloaded file, double click on it and allow the installation process to complete.

Step 4 – The installation wizard will guide you through the whole process. You can choose default settings or customize the installation as per your needs.

Method 2

The second method is to install Brave browser for PC using an emulator such as BlueStacks application player. BlueStacks is a free Android application for Windows that lets you download and install Android apps easily on your PC.

Step 1 – Download and install an Android emulator such as Bluestacks.

Step 2 – Once installed, open the emulator and go to Google Play Store. Download Brave Browser for PC.

Step 3 – Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation process.

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Before You Start Up Brave for The First Time

When you first download and run the browser, it is best to do a few things before you actually start up Brave for the first time. These include pre-configuring Brave’s settings and making sure you disable any adblocker extensions on your existing browser.

Brave Browser Features

1.Brave offers advanced settings for users who want to tinker around with the browser’s behavior. Navigate to the “Preferences” menu and make sure you set up your homepage, default search engine, etc., as per your needs.

2.Make sure you disable any adblocker extensions on your existing browser (if installed). It can cause adblock to interfere with Brave’s default blocking mechanism and this might result in a bad browsing experience.

3.You can also try using Brave’s ad detector feature which detects hijacked ads on your favorite websites.

4.Brave Browser comes with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, you can set it up by going to the “Brave Payments” menu.

5.Brave Web Browser also offers a built-in method of anonymous payments, which can be enabled by going to the “Brave Payments” menu.

Brave Browser Latest Updates

  1. Brave Browser now supports YouTube Video download for Desktop PCs.
  2. Brave Browser can now download MP3 files from YouTube.
  3. New Feature: Per-site settings for more control over sites you visit.
  4. Brave Browser Beta 58 is out!
  5. Brave browser offers better privacy, security and also saves time of the users by blocking ad pop-ups and trackers.
  6. Brave Browser gets a new feature named as ‘Qwant Search Engine’ to avoid tracking.

FAQ Section

Q. Is it possible to download Brave Browser for Android?

Yes. It is available on Google Play Store.

Q. How much does Brave web browser cost?

Brave browser is free and anonymous.

Q. Where can I get Brave Browser for iOS?

Currently, Brave Browser is only available on Android devices. It will be available for iOS in future releases.

Q: Can Brave run on Windows mobile?

No. Brave currently works only on desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Q. Does Brave Browser support Linux?

Yes. Brave Browsers can run on all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux distributions that have access to a package manager of some sort. This includes Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux – even the Arch-based Manjaro and Parabola!

Q. Can I use Brave on Edge browser?

No. Brave is currently not available for Microsoft Edge. Although, it is possible in future updates.

Q: How do I uninstall Brave Browser?

Brave can be uninstalled like any other software. Go to the control panel and look for programs & features or apps & features, depending on the Windows version. You will find Brave listed there with an uninstall button next to it.

Q: Is it possible to download Brave Browser via the Tor network?

No, Brave is currently not available on The Onion Router (Tor) browser. Although, it is possible in future updates.

Q: I have downloaded Brave but it is not working?

Please check your internet connection and restart Brave. If the issue persists, please contact Brave support.

Q: How do I update my Brave Browser?

Brave automatically checks for updates when you open a new tab. However, if there is no update available at that time, you can manually check for an update by clicking the Brave menu > About Brave.

Q: Does Brave have a mobile version?

Brave is currently available for Windows, iOS and Android devices only. However, it will soon be available for other platforms in future updates.

More About Brave Browser

Brave is a completely different browser that has the following amazing features:

* Fast. Brave loads pages much faster than Chrome or other old browsers.

* Ads are blocked by default, so you surf fast and safe

Brave blocks ads by default to give you a better/faster browsing experience, which also helps to keep the internet clean of malware. Brave is 100% open source, which means it’s completely safe.

Brave is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download it at .

Generally speaking, there are two methods to download brave browser on windows pc – the first one is the new method where you use your account credentials to sign in, and another method where you create a new brave account right in the installer. The second method is a bit more complicated but you will avoid the former one, which requires to have an internet connection.

In this article we’ll present both quick and easy ways to install brave browser on your windows pc with ease.

Brave Browser Download for Windows

The first method is quite simple. Simply go to their website, , and click on the “get brave” button to start downloading. You can also type “download brave” in your favorite search engine or visit this link directly:

Brave will install just like any other windows application on your computer. The installation process is safe and will not harm your system in any way. Once installed, you can simply run brave browser from the desktop or taskbar icons menu to start surfing the web with ease and security!

Brave Browser Windows Installer

The second method is similar, but you need to create an account first (which is free). To do that, click on the “get brave” button and then click on the “create account” link. You can also visit this link directly: . account will allow you to sync your bookmarks, passwords and other settings from one device to another effortlessly. This is especially handy if you use more than a single device for web browsing

You’ll be taken to a screen where you need to enter an email address and choose a password for your brave browser account. You can also verify your phone number, if you want. Verification code will be sent to your email address, so check it and enter the verification code on the next screen.

Once you do that you’ll see a “create account” pop-up window with some extra information about brave browser download for windows 10 . Simply click on the “register” button and brave sign in page will open. Here you’ll be prompted to enter your login credentials (username and password) to sign in. Alternatively, you can also use Google or Facebook sign in support to create an account with just one click.

Brave Browser Download for MAC

Once you’re done with the registration process, brave settings menu will appear on your screen. Here you can choose your preferred search engine (which defaults to Yahoo), change the font size, window width and other options. You can also sign out of brave once you’re done by clicking on the “Sign out” button.

There are lots of great features in brave browser download for windows 10 that you’ll enjoy without even trying them! Brave is the best browser out there, with over 7 million downloads and counting! It is an absolute must for those who care about their online security and privacy.

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